WaterCrash est un fork de WaterFall supportant la version 1.7 - 1.15 avec pas mal de patch d'exploit de packet


  • Unique : NON

  • Publication : 08/03/2020

  • Mise à jour : 08/03/2020

  • Catégorie : Plugin

  • Sous-Catégorie : BungeeCord


Description de la ressource

Languages supported: English (a config message could be added if necessary)
Versions: 1.7.x-1.15.x

>| Before WaterCrash |<
Important just after you buy WaterCrash. Join my discord and contact me to get your license key for your server. You will need to give me the IP of your server. One license can work on a whole VPS, so you can have multiple instances on a VPS. WaterCrash is 20€ with a free license. To get more IP, the price is 5€/ip.

>| What is WaterCrash? |<
WaterCrash is a fork of WaterFall with 1.7.x support protocol.
It has a lot of protection for your server against crash, check WaterCrash exploit fixer to see them.
We also use new java libs to optimize the code and performance.
It has the basic WaterFall API, so you can use it in your plugin like normal bungeecord.

>| WaterCrash Exploit Fixer |<
    • ASCII name - If player as some accent in his name which is impossible normally
    • Surcharged Packet - If a player sends a packet with maximum allowed bytes size or with more than 21 bits in the packet, it's blocked.
    • Corrupted Packet - If a player sends a packet with unknown information or unregister data in the packet list, it's blocked.
    • Cipher Exploit - Cipher is a crypt tech. It's used when a premium user connects on a premium bungee to a valid encryption packet of the player to connect.
    • Writer Index Exploit - When a player sends a bigger writer from ByteFute than the normal writerIndex, it's blocked.
    • Ping Exploit - When a player tries to crash the netty by pinging too much the server, it's blocked.
    • Invalid Auth Exploit - If a user tries to send an invalid auth packet to bypass the premium connection.
    • Bungee IP spoof Exploit - If a user spoof the IP of the bungee, bungee as a bug and the player will be connected on a random bungee server. So if you use the admin name, you could connect on the server without going to the login server.
    • Player's IP is blocked if he tries to crash the server
    • WaterCrash as a lot of more fix to avoid malicious players to try to crash your server!
>| WaterCrash Permission |<
  • bungeecord.command.blacklist - Get access to the /blip commands
>| WaterCrash Commands|<
  • /blip list - Get all blacklisted/blocked IP on your server.
  • /blip add <ip> - Block IP from your server.
  • /blip remove <ip> - Unblock IP from your server.
>| WaterCrash Config |<
  • use_netty_dns_resolver - it's used for java netty socket server
  • disable_modern_tab_limiter - use when you use tab in the chat
  • log_initial_handler_connections - use for log the connection
  • throttling - use for the tab packet in the chat
  • game_version - use to define which version can connect to the server
  • disable_entity_metadate_rewrite - use to disable custom protocol injection

  • blacklist.json - when the server stop, all the blacklisted IP are saved here, and when the server starts, all the IP are injected into the blocker system
  • config.yml - contains information of a normal bungeecord and the license key, ...
  • locations.yml - is used to connect player on their last server
  • modules.yml - is used to put all waterfall Jenkins
>| WaterCrash TOS|<
Any attempt to cracking the resource will result in you getting banned from MC-Market, and your license will be revoked. We can revoke your license at any time if we think you violated our terms of service.
- You cannot give or share the product and the license
- You cannot resell WaterCrash.
- Claim the code as yours.
- We do not offer refunds all purchases are final.
- You cannot decompile the resource.
- Do not leave a negative reply if you didn't seek support.

>| WaterCrash Price |<
  • Normal Price - 20€ with a free license
  • Get more IP - 5€/ip
  • Source code - 75€ (contact me on discord)

>| WaterCrash ScreenShots |<

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